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Stop Perfectionism & Procrastination, Start Doing The Work

Stop perfecting, start doing the work to make sure you succeed.

The biggest mistake i made when starting the business was I was procrastinating with a lot of excuses. I would spend months perfecting a logo, website, buying cleaning equipment, marketing material, etc just to delay.⁠

I was coming up with these excuses because of FEAR. I was scared that if the business failed, people would talk about it. This is something common with most human beings. They would always come up with excuses like, I will get started in the New Year or on my birthday, I will start when the website is done, I will start when I do a relevant course, etc.⁠

The truth is, no business is perfect. Even the biggest of the multinationals face problems every single day and they work on perfecting the process so that they make less mistakes. It is the same for you, you have to get started to perfect your process and business. I learnt pretty much everything I knew about the business, from running it. ⁠

I did a Masters in Business, which did not teach me anything practical about running my business. It was pretty much some theories and at the end of the day I got this certification that did not teach me much. The only real unit I use for this day from my studies is Accounting which helps me understand my cash flow, profit and loss, pricing, etc.⁠

So STOP PERFECTING and START DOING. Put your mind into what you want to do and get started today. No certification, website, marketing material, training, etc will make the process perfect, it is your courage to face the fear that will help you to grow quickly. Make mistakes and learn from it.⁠

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