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Hi there! I am Max Shiyaz. I am currently running a cleaning business which generates over $1.1million per year. I started this consulting firm "Start A Cleaning Company" to help cleaners & cleaning companies become profitable and generate revenue regularly without having to worry about where the next job would come from.
In the first few years, I struggled a lot to generate any income at all. I was posting on Gumtree (Local Classified Advertising Website) and getting very crappy jobs. Most people who search for cleaning companies on Gumtree were searching for the cheapest option which meant that I was always struggling to make money as I was competing on pricing with other cheaper cleaning companies & cleaners.
As I was not making money on my cleaning company, I got a Courier job to make ends meet. While I was doing my courier job, in the evenings after work, I was learning about ways to market my business and wasted a lot of money on different ways of advertising and did not get any jobs at all. I finally started learning about Google Advertising and spent a lot of money learning the platform and with time I was mastering the Google Ads. This was the breakthrough I needed. I started to get regular enquiries on Google. Once the income I was getting from the cleaning business exceeded my Courier income, I quit the job as a courier and focused wholeheartedly on my cleaning business.
Since then, we have had double digit growth every year in our revenue and continue to grow our business. I started this consulting company to help other cleaners and cleaning companies to learn from my mistakes and the skills I have developed during the last 7 years. It has been an amazing ride and I continue to enjoy every moment of it. No doubt, there has been many ups and downs, but it is important to enjoy the process.
Let me help you get to where I have been as I know how to scale a cleaning business quickly. I do understand that not everyone can handle the stress of running a big cleaning business. The good thing about my strategies are that you can grow to as much as you want.
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