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Initial Consultation

The initial 30mins consultation is $150. During the initial strategy session, we will try to determine what your goals are, what you are currently achieving and how I can help you get more cleaning leads.

Website Designing & Branding

I charge a fee of $1000 to create a website.

The internet has millions of websites and it is important to make sure that when people land on your website, you are able to convert them to clients. I am able to help you create amazing websites that convert because I have done it myself for my business. My website generates me over $100k per month and that is purely from getting traffic to my website from Google and making sure that my website is designed for conversion 

Coaching & Marketing

I charge a fee of $600 per month

Once you hire me, I will be available every step of the way to guide you regarding running a successful cleaning business. From creating cleaning proposals, how to answer calls, how much to charge clients, which accounting software to use, etc, I will be able to answer all your questions. 

I will also be handling your Google Marketing campaign generating cleaning leads for your business.

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Price based on your social media management & content creation requirements

We are able to provide you with regular content for your social media pages and can maange all your media content creation. It is important to make sure that your social media pages are relevant and are producing regular content as the first thing that any potential customer would do after visiting your website is to go to your social media pages and check the posts and reviews. If you have posts only from 2-3 years ago without any updates, the potential clients will second guess about hiring you.

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